Welcome Spring!

It’s officially spring and nothing feels better than bringing new energy into our homes.

This week we’re looking at five ways to renew your rooms.

Start with washing winter off those windows, and bringing in that sunlight. You will be amazed by how much more light streams in. Your best bet is to hire a company to come back regularly so you can keep them sparkling all year.

Next, roll up the rugs. Store the deep, cozy plush rugs and roll out a summery sisal.

Lighten up your accessories by adding white or cream into the mix. Fold up the cozy throws and put away the scented candles.

Once your rooms feel lighter, add some plants. They clean the air naturally and bring the outdoors in. Have a black thumb? Orchids are low maintenance and long lasting.

And finally, plant an indoor herb garden. Its still a bit early for tender herbs outside, but they’ll thrive on a sunny kitchen window sill and you can easily snip them as you need them.

Enjoy your home’s fresh new spring look!

*PS  paint your front door a fun or bright colour like in the photo above… your neighbours will thank you!