More than a flawlessly finished space, home is how you live, every day.

Daily life moments, the gracious and the messy – deserve equal consideration. LBI designs for the daily routines that stem from those moments. Cherished, effortless spaces to relax and curl up within. Throw raucous parties and create memories in a home you’re proud to show off. Intuitive, considered placement where everything responds to the life you lead. Texture, colours and beautiful details that fascinate and evoke curiosity. Mindful spaces that are built just for you.

LeAnne Bunnell Interiors designs impeccable, personalized homes for comfortable elegant living.


Pied à Terre


This home is a story of perfect couplings and the beautiful interplay of individual dynamics. A quietly relaxed husband and a vibrant, out-there wife. This condo nestled below the boughs of giant trees was transformed into a home for the next chapter, honoring a shared love of family, Paris and living a full life. And jam.

Design: LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

Construction: Unique Projects

Photography: Shellard Photography

No Place Like Home

Christie Estates

Lifelong memories of beaches and rolling tides become a slice of the East Coast, right here in Calgary. Filled with mementos of a generous and full lifestyle, this home becomes a permanent abode for reminiscing by the fire no matter the view, or the weather. Elegant and unpretentious, we layered pattern, texture, and classic style with a bit of whimsy and joy.

Design: LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

Construction: After Eight Interiors and Flooring

Photography: MJay Photography


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