Working from Home” Design Tips You Need to See

Well, my friend, how is it going?

I’m happy to say that Covid-19 has NOT stopped us from continuing to work our magic over here at LBI. Sure, maybe we’ve traded our favourite heels for a pair of comfy slippers and some PJs (guilty), but we still mean business! And we’ve been especially busy with the newest member of our team…

Zoom! (Bet you saw that going in a whole different direction, right? 😉 )

Yes, I have to report that our office remains closed (we’re all about that social distancing), but we’re still Zooming with clients, staying in touch with industry partners, and taking advantage of all this extra time, which, I have to say, is really making us hella efficient! (Dare I say that while I’m sad that I can’t give you a big hug, I’m realizing that this time has been a gift to us and our process? Have you experienced some unforeseen silver linings, too?)

On the personal front, I have to say that the best way I’ve found to beat virus anxiety is to practice gratitude (though I could probably make a good argument for wine, too). Curled up in my favourite chair, reading a great book or listening to a podcast, and practicing thankfulness has been a sure way to let sunshine peep through even on the gloomiest of days.

Naturally, my favourite chair is no longer just a piece of furniture, but my little happy place that I can run to – or sit on – anytime I feel I need a little mental recharge. Do you have a space in your home like this? If not, sister, what are you waiting for?? You deserve it!

Speaking of, we’re not here to talk about my home today — let’s talk about YOUR home. Are you working from home (or trying to)? Are you schooling from home? (If you’re feeling left out, I’ve got some kiddos you can borrow…)

If any kind of productivity needs to happen in the place you live, well, this post is for you.


These days, we’re seeing less of the traditional home office and more working spaces that are incorporated into living and multi-purpose spaces. In fact, we’ve had several clients request features like these in our past projects. (And I can only imagine they are thanking themselves right now for making that decision! You know who you are, great choice.)

Whether you’re working from home or schooling from home, a well-planned work space can make a huge difference in productivity and mental calm. And yes, I know from personal experience!

Here are a few examples to get your creativity flowing…


Our clients opted to turn their second floor landing into an office space that seats two, has plenty of storage, and looks incredibly handsome.

Get the Look: Is there any space in your home that feels underutilized? Such as a second floor landing, a hallway, or maybe a nook? All you need is a desk, a chair, good lighting, and some decor that inspires you.


Can you guess where this charming chair and desk combination are located?

In the living room! Tucked behind just an arm’s reach from the built-in bookcase, this “open concept” office has all the amenities it needs… and a view. 😉


This home office is also located in the family room, and again, one of its key features is storage! (Spying a trend here?) The desk and office chair are on one side. Built-in cabinetry, access to supplies, and an inspiration-boosting cork board are on the other. Between the two? An enjoyable work experience. (Business casual attire not required. ;))

Pro Tip: I once heard clutter be described as “delayed decisions” — SO TRUE. Not to mention that messy spaces are visually unappealing and incredibly energy-draining. So try to keep those spaces clear for a fresh and clear mind.


I know “design your life” sounds a little abstract and woo-woo, but there’s really something to creating a space that helps you live EXACTLY how you want to. Because when it comes to design, it’s not just about function — it’s about getting creative. It’s about solving problems you didn’t know you had.

For example, if you find it difficult to self-motivate when working from home, you can use design to help.

For me, nothing, and I mean nothing, presses start to my day quite like a cup of coffee does. Not gonna lie…. hearing the TV in the background, the pooch needing to go outside, and the laundry basket staring at me from across the floor can be a little distracting… When I smell coffee though, it’s game over, work on….

So why shouldn’t my home work space include coffee right at arm’s reach??? Why shouldn’t YOU have direct access to whatever you need to BE and ACT however you want to? Exactly, sister. *Mic drop*

Bar cart for coping skills? Wine not? 😉


It’s true that most coworking spaces have temporarily closed their doors, but if you are someone who always works from home (and you’re feeling the strain), I highly suggest considering a coworking space.

Spoiler alert: Yes, LBI does operate a coworking studio (7070 HQ) that is filled with female entrepreneurs in creative industries. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from #stayathome, it’s that we SO value these incredible people we share a space with — and I can’t NOT mention it to you!


First of all, at some point working from home can get to be too much. (Feeling it over here.) Second, the amount of collaboration and mutual empowerment that goes on will blow you away! It is BEAUTIFUL to see fellow entrepreneurs swapping business tips on their lunch breaks, making hard moments easier, or laughing at each other’s stories over happy hour. (Trust me, we keep the bar cart stocked around here!)

Coworking is, of course, about having a space that inspires us to be creative and get our work done, and I’ve found that the community environment (even virtually!) of coworking levels-up this experience in such a powerful way.

What goes on in a coworking space?

  • Hot desks (you can reserve for an amount of time)
  • Dedicated desks (that baby’s yours, sister!)
  • Full blown offices (if you have team members)
  • Conference rooms for client meetings
  • Entry lounge for relaxing or meeting clients
  • Kitchenette for meal/coffee/tea prep

What about VIRTUAL coworking?

  • Professional office address (we handle your mail)
  • Boardroom bookable by the hour
  • Virtual access to our lovely and supportive community

Boardroom for client presentations

Shared or unshared office space

Cute kitchenette for a pick-me-up

Cosy and colourful lounge area

If you’re interested in trying out a coworking space (post-social distancing), reach out to us at to get on the waiting list!

Alright, I will wrap it up here, but I hope this post has given you a ton of ideas and the motivation to act on them! I also hope you’re staying safe and giving yourself the space to process, relax, and do (or not do) whatever you need right now.

You are beautiful (yes, even with those PJs and day-old hair in a bun!) and I know there will be happier, brighter days to come for us.

Until then, let’s keep making our spaces as pretty, supportive, and inspiring as possible.