Top 5 Most Common Pain Points in a Home Renovation

Have you ever wondered what really happens during a home renovation? Is it like what we see on TV? If something happens during your project, does it mean that all hell is breaking loose and it’s time to panic?

Trust me, it’s not! It is completely natural for hiccups to pop up during a home renovation. In fact, I’d be more shocked if a home renovation didn’t include an unexpected situation. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of moving pieces involved — it would be inhuman for it all to go without a hitch.

Today, I want to share the 5 most common situations we see and how we handle them for you.

If any of these happen to you (they will), remember that we’ve done this before, it’s a normal part of the process, and we have your back!

Planning a design project takes time and teamwork!


Despite popular opinion — it’s not 30 minutes, folks! Each renovation and decor project includes design work, quoting, labor, construction, installation, and styling. It involves coordinating multiple trades, navigating everyone’s schedules (including yours), and seriously good communication.

To do all of these at the high standard of quality our clients expect from us, in reality, the average renovation or decor project lasts around 9 months. New builds or a highly complex build? 1 year or more.

Of course, when we meet with you for our design consultation, we’ll talk about the timeline you can expect. You’ll have a general idea for length, and we’ll pull together a schedule that we can stand behind.

Putting in design hours in our studio.


Speaking of a schedule we can stand behind, we always build some contingency into our timeline to allow for any changes that may occur. Typically, we don’t use all of that extra time, but it’s good to have some buffer if something proves to be more complicated, or if something gets delayed.

Again, this is NORMAL. I’ve seen clients become concerned when there is no one on-site for a day, or sometimes 2 days. Rest assured, this does NOT mean that you’re not a priority.

You are a priority, promise! There are simply processes at work, an order to everything, and there’s a bit of waiting already worked into the schedule.

We’re always working behind the scenes for you.


Hey, we’re human… and so are the dozen-plus people who are involved in a home renovation. Maybe the tile gets laid in the wrong direction. Maybe the numbers are reversed on a paint colour number, or… “Hey, was this supposed to look like this?”

We’ve had experience with almost every type of situation that can go wrong, and even though our systems and procedures are here to reduce them, there’s a new one on every project. Rest assured, we are pros at problem-solving and are committed to getting them fixed.

We’ll never bring you a problem without also presenting you our best solution (or two) for fixing it.

This fabulous lady’s your go-to for updates, top-notch communication, and client care!


Phew! Your project is done!  We ARE done, right? Well, not always.

A deficiency is noted as anything that is either not yet complete, not sufficiently executed to quality standards, or damaged during the installation process. And yes, it happens and it’s normal.

Step 13 and 14 in our Project Process are dedicated to addressing deficiencies. That shows you how normal deficiencies are, how long it takes for a resolution to be executed, and our commitment to righting them for you.

After a deficiency list is created during a project review, time is arranged to have the responsible team members attend to and resolve these niggly bits.


Last but not least, living in the midst of a renovation is messy, loud, distracting, disruptive, and disturbing. We find that many of our clients are surprised by the sheer scope and noise level of the work being done, which can make those 9 months feel far longer than you’d expect.

What can you do? Prepare, prepare, prepare. Mentally and physically.

If it’s possible, move out of the home for the project’s duration. This allows the crews to move unencumbered and complete the project with less downtime than if they’d had to accommodate the family’s schedule.

If it’s not possible to move out, remember that the renovation isn’t forever, and the beautiful final result will be well worth the wait!

Before I wrap this blog post up, I want to assure you that communication is key to a successful and peaceful project. If something concerns you, we welcome you to ask us about it!

We will always do our best to allay your concerns and address any hiccups with the decades’ worth of experience and professionalism we have tucked into our tool belts.

And of course, a little foreknowledge works wonders for staying peaceful, too — which you just soaked up here! So look at that, you’re already one step ahead of the curve. 😉

If you’re ready to start your design project, I invite you to contact us here to get this beautiful party started.