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Our office is comprised of animal and fun-loving designers, who design intimate, customized spaces. We’re known for richly layered colour schemes, and a one-of-a-kind approach to skillfully represent our clients’ taste with comfort and elegance. We’ve never met a colour or texture we didn’t love to explore or a challenge we’re not eager to meet. We’re thrilled to come to work every day to create for our clients.

But, it’s not really about us.   This is your story we are creating.

We’re here to take the journey with you, to uncover what sets you apart and discover your style for living.

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Meet LeAnne

Principal Interior Designer

It’s rare to encounter a designer whose design passion didn’t manifest in childhood. For me, it all began with a plywood dollhouse in my family’s basement, crafted lovingly by my Dad to my exact specifications. Adorned with cuttings from the Sears catalogue, styrofoam packing forms, and hand-me-down doll furniture, it brought me endless joy.

Today, with over two decades immersed in design, each project I undertake and every client I collaborate with evokes that same sense of delight. I strive for that child-like delight of creating homes where families flourish, make memories, and find solace amidst life’s chaos

As I have previously navigated the charming chaos of family life, I understand the importance of storage, easy maintenance, and functionality, all while preserving a magazine-worthy aesthetic.

Having honed our approach to crafting functional and exquisite family spaces, I love focusing on what I do best and love most: creating elegant, effortless, easy-living homes.




Alexa Bunnell

Client Care Manager

You know what the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Alexa thrives in structure and planning and brings an artistic flair to their inherent organizational skills. Alexa is always prepared with a novel resolution, sometimes before we even realize there is a hitch. Alexa is our cheerful greeting in the morning, kind support throughout the day, and at the ready with another delightful tale of Sushi and Wasabi, the feisty felines who share their home.


At LeAnne Bunnell Interiors our goal is to make the process of creating personalized, elegant spaces for our clients positive and enjoyable. There are a host of back-office systems and processes in place, along with an adherence to procedure as part of our culture which ensures clients feel at ease for the duration of creating their dream home.



It’s all about the why, the who, and the how.  In this initial phase, we strive to have open conversations about the project brief, and how we can best help achieve your dream home.  Fit is critical to an outstanding result and as such, we want to make sure we are the right designer for you.  This process makes sure that the fit (like a tailored suit) is juuust right.  For both of us.

All our projects start with a ‘hello’ by phone, followed shortly by a comprehensive Site Assessment or Design Session with you. The design concept is based on the project brief, in consultation with trades and suppliers, broad styling, and initial material and furniture selection. The discovery phase is wrapped up with a high-level presentation with you and our team.


Design Development

Love what you see? Design development commences! We assemble our team of trades and suppliers to develop a final criterion for the project.  Plans, drawings, details, and instructions are coordinated to develop the road map to the project. Furniture, fabrics, stone, tile, custom millwork, one-of-a-kind pieces; all gathered into a cohesive whole for your home.  We present the full design concept and initial finishes, and the project proposal. To wrap up phase two, we place orders and determine delivery + timelines for your dream home to come to life.



Buckle up!  Construction and renovation commence! Throughout this phase, we manage the project from soup to nuts, including site supervision, receipt of orders, managing trades, and ensuring any hiccups are smoothed out.

We close out the implementation phase with a final furniture installation and styling, and finally, the big reveal. The most thrilling and satisfying day!


Project Wrap-Up

Phew! You made it.  Project wrap-up includes performing a completions walk-through with you, addressing any stragglers to finish, outstanding items to install, and any touchups required.  After the champagne is poured, we close the project and our contract with portfolio photography and a thank you gift. Hopefully with new friendships as well.