What defines ‘full service interior design’? If you’re doing any research you’ll hear this term from designers a lot, but what does it mean?

When we tackle a design project for you, our focus is to take your vision and manipulate it into a plan that is comprehensive and thorough. With full service design, we consider every element and detail it takes to create your dream home, and we have created a process to reduce frustration and the time investment of our clients. We are there at the very beginning at the spark of an idea, through design generation, consultations, and choosing each element down to the hinges and doorstops, and we do it seamlessly. We take the responsibility of fulfilling your vision off of your plate, giving you back the time to spend with family and friends, and to focus on what it is that makes your heart sing.

Full service design is the roadmap for a successful project, a beautiful home that reflects you and happy clients (and happy designers).


So you’re ready to tackle furnishing and decorating your dream home and it’s exhilarating and daunting. Thanks to scrolling Instagram, hours spent on Pinterest, images culled from design magazines and blogs you’ve got inspiration galore, but how do you pull together a seamlessly cohesive design? How do you solve that pesky problematic corner? What white should I use?

Room Polish will ensure that your vision stays on point, answers design dilemmas, and shows you the way to a complete room. We have a tried and true process that will filter ideas into a final design plan complete with a guide to how to execute the design like a pro.

We’ll listen carefully to what you’re trying to achieve, define a perceptive design brief and respond with a highly personalized design, with a detailed room specific guide.
Exact specifications will depend on you, and what your needs are but you can expect that your Style Guide will provide you with;

  • Inspiration board with overall and design intention
  • Floor plan, elevations, and design board
  • Paint colours
  • Lighting specifications
  • Furniture selections
  • Décor item including mirrors and art
  • Full product selection, along with supplier details
  • Window covering recommendations
  • A detailed guide to implementing the plan efficiently and effectively

The best part? A Room PolishTM gives you the confidence of a designer’s eye to bring your vision to life at your own pace.


We begin every LBI design project with a well-documented Site Assessment, but they’re also a fantastic stand-alone service for those running their own projects. We help you resolve design dilemmas and send you on your way with an plan of action for you to move forward on your own

A two-hour Design Session with LeAnne kick-starts your design project. We’ll take an intimate look at your creative ideas, functional challenges, and answer your burning questions. We’ll cover off priorities and wish lists, solve what we can on the spot and help you map out your next steps.

This session gives you confidence that your project is set for success. In this focused site meeting, we cover a lot. We’ll learn about your vision and enhance it with our professional and experienced take. Soon after, you’ll receive a detailed summary of everything we’ve covered and advice for moving forward.

Design Sessions are in-depth two-hour assessment meetings with you the homeowner, and we add in a detailed summary and next-steps plan, which we’ll supply to you within 10 working days.

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