Furnishing & Decor

Furniture curation and styling is the most fun, most exciting part of a design project. It’s when your meticulously designed house feels finished, tailored just for you, and supports your retreat from the chaos. It’s the final phase in our Full Service, but it also stands alone as one of our much-loved offerings.

Whether it’s time for a little freshen-up or a total overhaul, the process should be a joy, never overwhelming. Our expertise starts with connecting local and international artisans, trusted dealers and suppliers; we revel in the adventure of discovery.

More than just ‘going shopping’ we carefully curate spaces that respond to your life, and how you live it. We want your home to perfectly reflect you, and take time to scour our resources to find just-for-you pieces.

We know what’s trending and what’s classic and how to seamlessly incorporate your existing beloved pieces into brand-new vibes. Your home will have a timeless curated feel. We have access to suppliers that suit all budgets, and we know artisans who create bespoke, suited-just-for-you furniture pieces.

We then take care of the nitty-gritty so you don’t need to worry – checking stock, confirming sizes and approving fabrics, coordinating countless orders, tracking rogue delivery drivers, craning the things over balconies that don’t fit up the stairs… you name it, we’ve got it sorted.

All for the defining moment of any project’s success. The installation and placement of area rugs, furnishings, drapery, art and tchotchkes. The moment of revealing your one-of-a-kind, just for your dream home is an unmatched pleasure of what we do.

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