Here’s what I love… romantic gestures

As a rule I am pretty practical, and possible even a smidge unsentimental to boot.  But come St. Valentines Day every February, I appreciate a little romance like everyone else.  I am not a fan of chocolate ( I know, weird ) so my  darling husband and family know that it’s rarely on my wish list.

Just in case he’s reading my blog though, any of these sweet treats will set my heart aflutter.  Even the impractical ones….

1. I have a version of this Ted Baker floral skirt already, but love these red roses

2. Light up your romantic meal with this great light from Arteriors

3. Did you say cake? Try this recipe for classic red velvet

4. Be still my Baccarat crystal heart…

5. In love with this flame stitch pattern from Schumacher

6. Try a little Chambord in your prosecco for an easy Valentine’s Day cocktail

7. Luxurious red velvet on a gilded sofa. hmmm.

8. Louboutin red soles. In gold. With studs. *sigh*

9. Classic red walls.  Lacquered.  Too much?