Here’s what I love… prep school

Elbow patches and pearls. Chinos and Sperry Top-siders.  Twinsets, and headbands.  Did you pop the collar on your Lacoste polo or were you a oxford button down type?

Seeing these great penny loafer sliders from Urban Outfitters got me to thinking about 1980’s tongue-in-cheek ‘Preppy Handbook’ and the enduring influence of Ivy League style on fashion and interiors.

I’ve been noticing a resurgence in Ivy League Style references in fashion and of course these classic elements in interiors are constantly being reinvented.

Tommy Hilfiger, Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren are classic fashion brands going strong, and the return of the Lacoste alligator was evident when we were recently in Paris. And while wandering the Marais, my husband discovered the tony brand Vicompte A;  home of the new ‘grown up’ prep look.

Our interior design firm here in Calgary recently completed custom dining chairs with the family’s crest embroidered onto the inside back (reminiscent of those prep school uniforms), completed a Kate Spade inspired teen room (links to come!) , and our signature tailored easy elegant style is the thread that runs through all our interiors.

Loving these Preppy Interiors:

Equestrian influence epitomize Ivy League style

Preppy is not afraid of colour

Crisp tailored and classic

Plaid is a staple and we are seeing fun new versions playing with scale and colour ways.

Sailing you say?  But of course! Nautical references are everywhere in preppy style.

Monograms are huge in interiors ~ on pillows, trays, towels, throws, and customized bar-ware.

The fun is in reinventing the classic to suit modern living and keeping a fresh perspective.

Now throw on those Madras shorts, or toss that argyle sweater over your shoulders, or even pop those Wayfarers on and show off your inner preppy!