Here’s what I love… Marsala

{colour series}

First one to admit it.  When Marsala, a muddy burgundy came on the scene as Pantone’s ‘colour of the year’ I was, well, less than kind about it.  I believe I may have compared it to liver.  Yeah.

Then as I started paying attention, I saw that it found its way into my life in some sneaky ways.  Surprisingly, the sheer silk back on my Pink Tartan sweater is Marsala.  Paired with a bright red.  Looks great.  Who knew?

The new Aritzia (I love these) mitts I bought to replace my worn out grey ones are Marsala.  I love wearing them with my camel car coat.

As a perfect foil for other neutrals, I think it’s growing on me.  It’s super sophisticated when paired with Navy, and oh so crisp with White.  Personally I love it with Blush Pink.  Deeper darker shades of Marsala evoke a rich luxury.  All about the luxury.

Next year, when Pantone decrees the colour of the year, I won’t be so quickly dismissive.  Maybe.