Here’s what I love… transformations


I used to DIY.  A lot.  I have sewed, stencilled, stamped, painted, built, wrapped, installed, tiled, drilled, filled, patched, upholstered, and even button tufted. I am a master IKEA assembler, and even made my own concrete water fountain in the back yard.

Now?  Well, not so much.

BUT I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity to brush off my rusty skills and collaborate with the Rustoleum and Habitat for Humanity to participate in #ChairLIFTyyc.

Here’s the deal. Designers in Calgary were asked to choose a chair at the ReStore and up-cycle their selection using Rustoleum products, and our endless imaginations. The reimagined chairs were then placed on display at the Calgary Home and Design Show and went up for bidding to the public.

The proceeds of the auction of course were for the fantastic Habitat for Humanity organization, and I love that we raised awareness for the ReStore.

Here’s a peek into my process:

Even though I arrived early to the selection session at the ReStore, the pickings were dwindling fast. Designers are an opportunistic bunch.

Luckily I was able to snag this super comfortable office chair from the singles on offer.  I knew I wanted something to upholster or slipcover, but was a wee surprised to end up with this giant (and heavy) oatmeal-coloured-faux-polyester-tweed number.

Then the plotting and scheming began.  I was inspired by a bathroom, a blazer and salt and pepper shakers.  Yes.  Sometimes this really is the process.  A quick sketch to work out the details and we were on the way.

The magical ingredients for this transformation generously provided by Tonic Living , my fantastic workroom, and the sponsors of the event Rustoleum.

Ta Da!  The final result is a fun flirty crisply tailored office chair. I love how the details turned out; a pleated peplum and a sweet bow on the back, contrast green piping, and fun Dalmatian print on the front.

I was tickled pink that a local interior designer had the winning bid for my chair and is being put to use in her adorable home office.

Might be time to make another trip to the ReStore to see what other fab discards can be reimagined. So fun!