Teenage dreams | Designing a teen’s room

We’re excited to share two of our teen rooms this week.

Teens need a space of their own to relax and recharge, study, and hang out with friends. We gave these girls all of that plus personalized their rooms through colour and pattern, and kept it fun. This is a place where you can play with combos that might not fit the rooms in the rest of your home.

In the first room we chose a vibrant blue pulled from the gorgeous wallpaper. (Love that wallpaper!)

The light background on the wallpaper and window treatment and white furniture balanced the blue on the walls. Carrying the blue through the textiles and accents kept the small space feeling cohesive.

We added playful accents of coral that could easily be changed for a different colour as the teen’s tastes change.

Our second teen room featured a fresh, spring green, accented with pale pinked pos of fuchsia.

Choosing just a few colours showcased the design elements and help keep the room from feeling cluttered, even with many personal collections on display.

By including the kids’ personal interests in these rooms, they feel that the spaces are truly theirs.

We allowed room for growth over the coming years. They can sleep, study, and hang out in a space that reflects their unique selves.

Are you designing a room for a teenager? Choose a design that suits them and their favourite things, have fun, and be creative!