Project Spotlight | Laundry Room Love

This week we’re sharing a recently completed laundry room we absolutely love.

Laundry is a necessary chore but usually lands at the bottom of the list of things we’d like to be doing. We transformed a dark, drab laundry room into a bright, clean space that makes folding and ironing clothes more enjoyable. To make it a pleasure rather than a pain, we added special touches you don’t normally see in laundry rooms.

We chose a beautiful marble topped French island for folding. Looking beyond the expected utilitarian surface of most laundry rooms allowed us to add unexpected luxury while maintaining function – a true win! We also added tonnes of storage so the counters could be kept clean with minimal effort.

A television is a great addition that can easily be added to any laundry room. You can watch the news or throw on The Crown and you won’t even notice you’ve been folding and ironing a week’s worth of clothes.

The finishing touch in this space was the gorgeous tile mosaic backsplash with pencil trim. It’s a great trick that makes you feel as if you are in a lovely, central room rather than the windowless basement that most laundry rooms occupy. This detail also allowed us to add pattern and colour to the room.

Need some motivation to get your laundry done? Maybe your room needs a fresh start!