Inspired by: Canada | LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

This week we’re sharing a transformation inspired by Canadian nature.

We completed this project a few years ago, but it still feels fresh today. (So fresh, it it featured in this Elle Decor article!) Our goal was a timeless design influenced by a casual cabin lifestyle.

To achieve the result we focused on natural materials and finishes mixed with simple, authentic textures and details.

Designing within a neutral colour scheme allowed us to highlight the natural collections and references we added, like the beautiful ‘woods’ wallpaper in the dining area.

Cozy wool blankets draped over deep seating encourage a favourite cabin pastime – relaxing and visiting with friends and family.

We used an iconic wool HBC blanket to dress the bed and an upholstered bed frame, rather than wood, to keep the room feeling light but cozy.

A Canadiana travel poster featuring local animals tied in with the yellow papier-mâché deer head above the bed.

We selected simple lines and modern shapes to update the design from rough and rustic to clean and classic. It’s a look that’s still fresh today.