Here’s what I love… The Arizona Biltmore

I say Frank Lloyd Wright. You say Falling Water. Prairie Style. Taliesin. Taliesin West. And the Biltmore in Phoenix.

Wright pioneered the use of concrete block as a building material and enlisted a local artist to create the emblematic modern palm frond motifs seen throughout the hotel.  It is literally everywhere.  Elevator doors, pressed glass lights inset into the wall blocks, stained glass and carpet.  The man committed.

AZ Biltmore – Wright’s

AZ Biltmore – lobby elevator doors

AZ Biltmore – ballroom

AZ Biltmore – garden sculpture

AZ Biltmore – Biltmore Block

AZ Biltmore – gardens

AZ Biltmore – courtyard

AZ Biltmore – the bungalows

AZ Biltmore ballroom

Here’s what I love… taking a trek to a design mecca and having tuna crudo and Eggs Benedict. Nothing more chic than brunch at the Biltmore.