Livable Luxury: Stunning Turnkey Home Design in Calgary

You know when you’ve been working long and hard on a project, and you can’t wait to share the final result with the people you know will love it?? That’s exactly how I feel about this turnkey design we just completed for a client.

It’s luxurious and sumptuous yet fresh as a breeze. It’s modern and contemporary yet grounded in tradition. It has classic elements, like flowing white drapery, and delightful surprises, like this chandelier made from capiz shells.

It’s safe to say I’m in love.

But today, I want to do more than share this home reveal with you. I also want to share a bit more about “turnkey design”. It’s part of the reason we were able to achieve a result like this — and it might be exactly what you’ve been looking for!


A turnkey design solution looks like this:

You walk into your completely transformed room or home. Books line the shelves, art hangs on the walls, pillows are perfectly fluffed, and music plays softly in the background. Candles flicker, flowers peer out of vases, and candies fill the candy dish (yes, they match the decor).

It’s as if you’ve arrived to your posh hotel room for a much deserved vacation sans check-out time — it’s your home and it’s ready to be enjoyed!


You could check items off a to-do list for 5 years before your dream home is ready, and it’ll probably get done eventually. But if you want to enjoy your magazine-worthy home immediately, a turnkey solution will save you a lot of time, hands-on effort, and stress.

For us and for our clients, having a turnkey solution is the main reason for completing a design project in the first place.


If everything sounds great to you so far, turnkey design might be right for you. There are just a few more questions to ask yourself…


When it comes to designing your home, the only way WE can know what you want is if YOU know what you want. This translates to decisiveness. If you typically need a few months to mull over your new sofa purchase, turnkey design might not give you the time and pace you need.

Once we “get” you, we’ll share our design concept and collect your feedback quickly so we can keep moving your project forward efficiently.


The essence of turnkey design is placing your entire project in a professional’s hands, knowing that your chosen professional fully understands your goals and has your best interests at heart. You’ll also have to hand over your home for a day or two and  trust them to complete the design while you’re away.

If you’re happy to let a pro take on the time, energy, and stress of your project, turnkey design is perfect for you. If you prefer to drive the car yourself, you might be happier managing the project yourself and bringing in a design professional at different stages.


The turnkey design project I’m showing you today is a perfect example of how when we “get” a client, and they trust us, the results are fantastic. If you believe in the process and in the talented people you’ve found to carry it out, you will see great results!

Alright, now let’s talk about this stunning, swoon-worthy Calgary home…

Our biggest challenge in this home was editing our client’s existing items — using what is meaningful, useful, and on par with the desired aesthetic — and combining “save” and “splurge” items when purchasing new.

(Quick tip: stop buying vases, people… you wouldn’t believe how fast they accumulate!)

This drop-dead gorgeous chandelier is made of natural capiz shells harvested from local windowpane oysters and framed in brass-plated metal.

First stop: the living room. The black hutch and fireplace were already in this room, so we helped balance the dark and light tones with slim black drapery rods and a black-paned window mirror. It’s the perfect ratio to keep the room feeling breezy yet grounded.

We shopped the whole house to find the perfect art pieces for this elegant little gallery wall. Then we found frames in varying sizes, shapes, and materials to keep it light and interesting. Most of the frames are light, but we snuck in a few small, darker pieces for balance. (Sensing a theme here…?)

This gorgeous mirror was the last one in Canada! And a “save” piece to boot! These pillows were another sweet victory — the client invested in a few custom pieces but wanted to round out their selections with some retail finds. Not always an easy task, but we did it! *Fist bump*

We used this mirror that was previously over the fireplace to make this sweet setup!

The client already owned these upholstered chairs and the buffet, so we made the space work with more dark wood (would you look at that dining table!) and textures with a softer feel — the drapery, the chandelier, and the rug.

Of course, we can’t leave the room without talking about this classic wallpaper in Wedgewood blue. You might also notice how the blue and cream reflect beautifully off the glass top of the dining table and brighten the whole room — a stroke of genius, if I do say so myself.

The result brings the whole look together — bright and elegant, comfortable and inspiring, luxurious and livable!

So, how do you feel? Still swooning? Daydreaming of your own space? The good news is, with turnkey design, you don’t have to wait 5 years to make it happen.

I’d be happy to chat with you on the phone, talk about your project, and help you decide if a turnkey solution is right for you. I invite you to contact us here — we can’t wait to meet you!