Here’s What I Love … why steam is is so hot right now

In my design practice, we have renovated steam showers, installed new steam showers, moved steam showers, expanded steam showers and converted regular showers to steam showers.  So much steam here in chilly Calgary.  We are pretty much current on our knowledge.

Or are we?

While at KBIS this year; during a lovely lunch with the enthusiastic Martha from Mr. Steam and her colleagues I found out all that I didn’t know.  Sure, sure.  I had all the technical down (installation, materials, calculations, exhaust fans etc.) but I had never asked why is it so popular?

All the obvious reasons, relaxation for one, immediately sprung to mind for me, as well as warming up after skiing, or shoveling snow.  This is Calgary after all.  What was surprising was all the benefits I didn’t know.  Here are some of my faves and these are just a taste.

  • Does anyone in your family have allergies?  Steambaths can help alleviate those symptoms.
  • In our cold dry climate, the humidity can improve the health of your skin
  • Juicing? Steaming helps rid your body of toxins.
  • Have an athlete in the family? The warmth helps soothe muscles and release lactic acid.

Sounds great right?

Here is the super fun part: Mr. Steam offers aromatherapy and chromotherapy as well an in-shower music system  HOW GREAT IS THAT?

Imagine starting -or ending your day- in a scent-infused room, listening to your fave jams, designed to make you healthy.

I’m sold. No, really. Watch this space to follow along with my upcoming bathroom renovation, including SteamTherapy; I can hardly wait!

How about this cheeky video? I love a company with a sense of humour


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Xx LeAnne