Here’s What I Love … trend spotting at KBIS – the bath

We are in the middle of a bathroom redesign, renovating (finally) 2 bathrooms at our house so a trip to KBIS was a great opportunity to see all the latest and greatest in the North American kitchen and bath industry. Also, another chance for me to change my mind, which is why its taken so long in the first place. I thought I was committed to 90% of the selections for this reno (which includes a portion of our basement) but alas some quick-o change-o re-selections are on the horizon. sigh.

On the style front, I was enamored with the chic Modulous collection from DXV. This luxury line has been a long time fave of ours at the studio, and this booth did not disappoint.

My personal taste leans modern and minimal but I find that difficult to maintain in a house with two kids, two busy careers, a dog and a Netflix addiction. Plus our home has traditional architectural leanings so bridging both with easy maintenance is our ‘style’.  So one look at the sleek modern lines, the oohh-la-la European influence, and multiple configuration options had me rethinking my entire bath layout. Also, paneling my entire house and painting it midnight black. But I digress.

The softly angular lines of the sinks -also available in a cool concrete- are mimicked in the faucets and shower plumbing so any disconnect is eliminated. How about this widespread faucet? So elegant.

BUT, here’s what I love… the Modulus chinaware (a new term for me too, folks) is a designer’s dream. I never thought I’d be so excited about a toilet. In my office, we call these skirted toilets.  Sleek. Easy to clean. and in this case, almost architectural.

For small spaces (which I have) there is a compact wall-mounted version with an in-wall tank reducing its footprint in the room. The added benefit here is the illusion of a bigger room with additional floor visible below the fixture. A wall mount bidet is also available, a nod to this European staple popping up more and more here at home.

The first item on my ‘why don’t I already have this?’ wishlist is this GrohTherm SmartControl shower trim from one of my most recommended brands Grohe.  If you have ever struggled to regulate the temperature or water flow in your shower this has you covered. A traditional lever control can cause the occasional scalded skin from accidentally hitting the lever control (speaking from experience) to never quiiiiiite finding that sweet spot in the temperature range (again, me).

What had me at hello was the graceful knob style controls, the minute adjustments possible -think the volume control on a radio- and the intuitive push-turn action of the buttons. If you imagine the controls on an old school audio equipment, that soft subtle click-click-click as the adjustments are made then you have the feel of this control.

BUT here’s what I love… behind the wall of this sleek control, is an innovative valve system that allows for ONE CONTROL FOR WATER FLOW AND TEMPERATURE!  Eureka!  Begone awkward looking multiple control valves and trims! As a design professional spending days arranging plumbing fixtures in pleasing to the eye yet practical configuration, this is a godsend. the one control to rule them all. * vague LOTR reference there.

While we are on the subject of awkward shower action (behave) have you ever struggled to change the spray pattern of your showerhead?  That weird two-handed maneuver with the water gushing up your nose while you wrestle to twist the difficult-to-grasp-while-its-wet ring around your shower head? This SpectraPlus Touch showerhead has solved that problem with a touch control. Just tap the ring and voila, you go from drench to sprinkle in an instant, no gymnastics required.  How cool is that?

BUT here’s what I love…you know when your husband prefers replicating the flow of Victoria Falls in the shower and you prefer the kinder gentler reenactment of a forest rain?  Yeah, that.  American Standard introduced the way to not drowning when you step into your shower in the morning with a REMOTE BUTTON OUTSIDE THE SHOWER!! Hallelujah. The eTouch control button can be mounted just outside the shower and a simple push of a button the shower head is at your command. Of course, it can also be inside the shower as well but the aforementioned plumbing wall Tetris game then comes into play.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more details on the long awaited Casa Bunnell Bathroom renovation!

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Xx LeAnne