Here’s what I love… quatrefoil

One of my favourite things about getting back to the blog (after a wee hiatus) is that I get to look up from my work with clients, and my own home this year, and explore and experiment a little more.

Sometimes my posts are all showy and shallow; just the pretty please. But occasionally I stumble across something that takes me off in a completely different direction than I intended when I began.

This post is just that. Aren’t adventures fantastic?

Here’s where looking for a St. Patty’s day post brought me.  I had originally started out looking at emerald (and I will eventually post that one). But then, as I’ve done a few colour posts recently, I wanted to shake it up a bit. I started exploring and thought ‘four leaf clover!’

This of course led to the quatrefoil in all it’s incarnations:

And then its myriad of applications:

But this… this is what captured my attention.  I know its long (a whole seventeen minutes in our instant gratification world) but its worth it.

So grab a tea, or a Guinness, or a whiskey if you will, and listen to this great insight into the history of the quatrefoil. No matter how you pronounce it.