Here’s what I love: Laundry rooms

Is there anything better than a batch of warm, fresh laundry straight out of the dryer?

YES! Having a serene and functional space to organize it in. We love laundry rooms, and we’ll shout it from the mountain tops. Here is a look at some of our favourite laundry room projects!

This is a space we designed that has everything a great laundry room needed. Plenty of storage for detergents and such, a place to tuck the dirty laundry, a place to hang dry, and walls that infuse the calm space with some fun and beauty.

We were squeezed a bit tighter in this space but still able to incorporate the necessary elements and this unique penny round backsplash. The little vignette below is a simple way to bring beauty into the space so you enjoy this room as much as any other in your home.

A touch of wallpaper brought a punch of personality to this space.

Gone are the days of laundry being a chore. When your space looks incredible, you might find yourself hiding out in your laundry room and even finding some peace in folding laundry!