Here’s what I love: kids’ room designs

Childhood is all about imagination, play and discovery, so it’s no wonder we adore getting to tap into those elements in our kids’ room designs.

We’ve designed kids’ spaces with lofts, stages, balconies, and graffiti art. We’ve done bright modern Lego inspired spaces, and soft feminine traditional bedrooms. Room design for kids is about having fun and fostering creativity.

From nurseries to toddler rooms to playrooms to tween rooms and teen hangouts, there is always a level of rule breaking involved that makes each space as unique as the child who will flourish there. Fun shapes and influences rule the day, and colour combinations can be a wild as the child.

Is it just us, or would you also like to kick back in these spaces? I guess childhood can be enjoyed by adults too

And we will leave you with one of our most popular photos on Houzz from this colourful Calgary project (it’s been viewed more than 20,000 times!), the kids’ dresser.