Here’s what I love… IDS Toronto

This IDS 2014 was my 5th Interior Design Show in Toronto and my second in a row. It coincides beautifully with the

Business of Design Conference founded by the inimitable Kimberley Seldon, so it’s a bit of a given I would take in both. Plus Toronto in January… who could say no?

Other than gaining inspiration and insight, the Toronto design show is a chance to connect with those I know professionally, or purely through social media. Finding new vendors for my design projects is always a thrill, and its important to firm up connections with current suppliers. I love the creativity that goes into each booth, and cannot even fathom the time commitment to stage, man and take down this show.

I was also lucky enough to meet up with some of Canada’s hard working ‘celebrity’ designers.  And I am just cheeseball enough to take photos of  my grinning mug with them.

Let the visual name dropping begin….

And I am just going to say it… the lighting was waaaay better for the Gala party.

Here’s what I love… I work daily in a creative vibrant community of designers, decorators, suppliers and trades.

The mix is the magic.