Here’s What I Love… communicating with CAD

Ask any Interior Designer and they will tell you that construction drawings are the road map for a successful project. They communicate our design and ensure that our ideas are accurately executed. And best of all, a good set of drawings can you save you a whole lot of moola. Read on to find out why using CAD (Computer Aided Design) is the best way to take your project from concept to completion.

 Our schematics tell our contractors and trades exactly what to do. Our drawing sets include everything from lighting locations, millwork design, tile layouts, to locations of new partitions.

 Interior designers are trained to consider human interaction with the built environment. We use CAD to ensure that our designs and ideas function. It’s a great resource for ensuring appropriate ergonomics, circulation, and allowances.

 The difference between good design and great design is in the details. Our drawings always include construction details to deal with tricky on-site conditions. CAD allows us to clearly communicate those details to our clients and trades.

All construction projects require a building or development permit. You will require a set of drawings that include floor plans, elevations, and construction details to get approved. CAD guarantees clean and professional drawings for the city to review.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Mistakes in the construction phase can be very costly so getting everything right at the onset can save you huge. Invest in a good set of drawings to ensure everyone is on the same page and things are executed exactly the way you envision.

Producing drawings is a big part of the job for Interior Designers, but time spent in the schematic design phase is never wasted. We hope this inspires you to use a design professional, and get the drawings you need, for your next project!

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Xx LeAnne