Here’s what I love… agate

Well. I finally did it, held my breath and joined the world of blogging.  I do really think that we need to rename this whole thing though as I can trace my entire reluctance to start this journey back to that word.  Blog.  *shudder*

Any who.  Here’s what I love…

When I received an email from West Elm this morning with their new products for fall, my eye immediately went to these agate boxes, and marbleized wallpaper.  I may have gasped.

Everything old is modern again… There is something about the permanence of stone, even in our accessories, that can give interior spaces a sense of timelessness.

I do love these delicious agate coasters, though not when used as intended.  I find them slippery and difficult to place your morning cup of Joe on – God forbid there’s condensation on the lemonade glass on a hot summer day.

Useless as coasters  – BUT gorgeous as art:

Fantastic, right?  You really need to take a look at this agate slice art tutorial by Erica Cook.  Yeah,  she’s fabulous.

et voila… my first post is complete. Not so hard.