Fashion-able Interiors

From the Runway to your Living Room

Fashion has been, and always will be, a major source of inspiration for interiors. If we ever feel in a creative rut it’s the perfect source of much-needed inspiration.

This fall the runway was packed with beautiful, and unexpected, patterns and textures that gave us major heart eyes. One trend, in particular, stood out for us – knitwear! We love how this cosy classic was reinterpreted in a modern way. Come see how we translate this runway trend into a modern, liveable, and timeless interior.

Our palette is all about texture and warmth. We imagine exactly what it feels like when you’re cuddled up in your favourite cosy sweater and translate that feeling into fabrics and finishes. We combine chunkier, printed fabrics with solid, lighter fabrics to create just the right amount of interest. Here’s how:

  1. AREA RUG: This beautiful Elte rug is the perfect jumping off point for this textural palette. The high pile and woven texture could not make us any more giddy.
  2. PAIR OF CHAIRS: This woven leather by Kravet provides the perfect contrast from the rest of the plush and neutral fabrics. The woven texture ties in the chunkier knits, while the sheen and colour are a welcome relief.
  3. CUSHION TRIM: A complementary trim adds a touch of sparkle and glamour to break up the otherwise matte palette.
  4. CUSHION: The varied colourful striations in this fabric tie in both the warm and cool tones seen in the rest of the palette.
  5. CHAIR CUSHION: This classic houndstooth adds warmth to the palette and a welcome change of scale.
  6. CHAIR CUSHION WELT: Metallic leather trim…need we say more? This thoughtful detail will be a trim on all four sides of the houndstooth fabric for a touch of sophistication and sheen.
  7. CHAIR: The subtle dark flecks in this cosy wool boucle add depth, and interest to the palette.
  8. SOFA: Wool; A classic. The solid finish grounds the palette and acts as the backdrop to layer in the variety of accessories and fabrics that tie the outfit, or interior, together.
  9. SOFA CUSHION A: This plush solid velvet has just the right amount of sheen to elevate the space.
  10. SOFA CUSHION B: This fabric has the perfect juxtaposition of both texture, and colour, to effortlessly complement the rest of the palette.
  11. DRAPERY: This subtle chevron adds just the right amount of playfulness to our living room.

By combining chunky patterned fabrics with more refined selections, the knitwear trend translates into a liveable and cosy interior. We hope this inspires you to bring the runway into your home this winter!

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xx LBI Team