Contemporary Parisian Remodel: Les Grand & Petit Salons

We’ve been crushing on art quite a bit lately, so imagine my shock when I suddenly realised the remodel reveal we picked to share with you this month features… a whole lot of art. (You’re not surprised either, are you?)

But, chefs-d’oeuvre aside, this Calgary condo renovation has plenty else to get excited about, too. First, the people behind the project are as fun and interesting as the design itself.

Canadian Penny Dyte loves to travel and an extensive collection of contemporary art and books she’s picked up along the way. Her partner Bruno Masquillier, on the other hand, is a native Parisian who moved to Calgary back in the 90s. He has even more books, art, and furniture, but in the traditional Parisian style.

I think you see where this is going… we have two VERY different aesthetics to blend.

(And yes, if you’re wondering, the three of us did obsess over Paris together… it’s my favourite city!)

Project Goals

In our recent post about design consultations, I mentioned the importance of having defined goals before starting a project. These were ours:

1. Seamlessly blend two very contrasting styles: modern contemporary and Parisian

2. Make the space feel brighter, warm and joyful

3. Consolidate the couple’s possessions while keeping each of their identities in the design (collaboration was key here!)

4. Work around the existing plumbing and light fixtures, since the structural concrete made moving them impossible

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a recipe for fun to me.

Design Reveal: Entryway

The entryway needed to have as much character as the rest of the home, so we removed a closet to create some space.

To keep the area feeling like an entryway (and not just an opening to the living room), we created a wall of laser-cut screen panels.

These panels, along with the bright entry door colour, evoke another favourite getaway: the Parker Palm Springs.

Not to be forgotten, one of Bruno’s traditional Parisian furniture pieces couldn’t miss an opportunity to shine.

Design Reveal: Le Grand Salon

As we started designing the couple’s living room, it was quickly dubbed the “Grand Salon,” which set the mood for exactly what we wanted to do with the space…

The mix of style, textures, types of seating, and art create a space that does many things at once: it’s cosy and intimate, social and inviting, classy yet fun enough not to take itself too seriously.

These gallery walls steal the show! Not only do their varied sizes and subjects demand immediate attention, but the golden colour of the velvet sofa helps bring those bright gilded frames and modern sconces right into the room.

To spare these walls from hundreds of nail holes, we mounted the frames using picture rails. And let’s not overlook the chic bar in the corner… what grand salon would be complete without one?

Opposite the gallery wall, the view is just as spectacular and pumps up the contemporary aesthetic with clean-lined chairs and bright pillows. Let’s look more closely at that fireplace…

What a stunner! This stone is a work of art in its own right, and it’s contemporary style pairs beautifully with Bruno’s traditional art. In smaller spaces, maximizing function is key — which we did with these firewood nooks on the right.

Design Reveal: Le Petit Salon

Bienvenue au petit salon… the perfect place for relaxing and entertaining, not to mention housing all of Penny’s and Bruno’s books!

Penny and Bruno love this mix of traditional and modern furniture, modern lighting, and classic French oak herringbone floors.

I promised there would be books! The petit salon doubles as a cosy library. (The luxe velvet and buttery soft leather don’t hurt either.)

We’ll soon be sharing the second part of this project: a contemporary kitchen and two stunningly elegant bathrooms. Sneak peek: There’s a gilded mirror that you will absolutely drool over. Even if traditional decor isn’t your thing, it’s that impressive.

See you next week,