Contemporary Parisian Condo Remodel: Kitchen, Master Bath & Powder Room

Last month, I shared the Grand and Petit Salons from this unique Contemporary Parisian Condo Remodel in Calgary.

This week, we’re going to saunter through their inspiring kitchen, drool-worthy master bathroom, and cheerful powder room. And maybe never leave…


Okay, you win — I’ll give you a quick recap!

Canadian Penny Dyte loves to travel and has an extensive collection of contemporary art and books she’s picked up along the way.

Her partner Bruno Masquillier, on the other hand, is a native Parisian who moved to Calgary back in the 90s. He has even more books, art, and furniture, but in the traditional Parisian style.

Yes, blending these two styles (and collections of art) was crucial.


In case you missed it…

1. Seamlessly blend two very contrasting styles: modern contemporary and Parisian

2. Make the space feel bright, warm and joyful

3. Consolidate the couple’s possessions while keeping each of their identities in the design (collaboration was key here)

4. Work around the existing plumbing and light fixtures, since the structural concrete made moving them impossible


This kitchen is a balancing act! Traditional and open shelving, contemporary and traditional style, organic and engineered materials.

Candy apple red, custom lacquered cabinets and floral wallpapered cabinets balance contemporary and traditional in a fun, unique way. This print comes from Jan Davidsz de Heem’s 17th century still-life, Vase of Flowers.

These elegant quartzite countertops keep the space feeling bright. In general, lighter-coloured counters will help reflect the light within a space. We also hand-picked this gorgeous block of wood for additional ease.

Open shelving keeps the space from feeling too closed off. With contemporary design, it’s easy to overdo it and end up with a space the feels “cold.” To counter that, we let this natural wood shelving shine on its own and added some lively greenery.

What Parisian-inspired kitchen would be complete without a coffee and tea station? We couldn’t resist adding a scarlet Nespresso machine to complement the lacquered cabinets…

Another fun twist in the Dyte-Masquillier house are these slipcovered dining chairs. The royal blue colour and animated pattern helps balance the colour in the kitchen, plays up the contemporary vibe, and introduces some movement to the space.

A colorful arrangement of art enjoys some natural lighting and next to the dining area.



Story about this gorgeous tile… after our clients had fallen in love with it, we discovered it was out of stock. Our supplier then called the factory in Turkey to see what they could do.

The factory was kind enough to stop everything, pour these tiles, and get them on the next shipment to Canada! That’s incredible service — and this bathroom wouldn’t be the same without it.

Stations for maquillage and parfum.

Details make the difference.


Another gorgeous gilded mirror. Traditional wallpaper. Contemporary cabinets and shower. In other words, another tiny paradise in which to get lost…

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget to include art!

One of my favourite things about this project is the fact that no two rooms or spaces looked the same when we were done. They each have their own unique character, each is creative, and they are all full of joy.

I am so grateful to Penny and Bruno for inviting us into their home and for letting us bring this colorful vision to life. It’s been a one-of-a-kind project and as joyful for us as the space itself!

If you loved seeing this design, I’ll have more renos and inspiration coming up for you again soon. Until then…