Behind the Scenes of Calgary’s Interior Design Community

Today I want to get a little personal with you and share a story that’s deeply rooted in our core values at LBI.

Our story starts with my first year working as an interior designer and running LeAnne Bunnell Interiors…

LBI was succeeding. Smiling clients headed off into the sunset with their new spaces. But though everything was going right, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing.

On one particularly long and solitary day, I suddenly realized — I was craving a community!

My first reaction was to rally a fabulous team, but it wasn’t until years later that I began to unite an even wider community. I don’t know if I was cooking up genius or the impossible, but I just knew I had to start something… and start we did.


In the beginning, I envisioned a collective where designers could come together, make friends, and give each other advice.

But then I asked myself, why do something halfway when we could really do it right? Instead of just connecting with each other, what if we also gave other designers the resources to succeed and grow like we did?

What if new designers didn’t have to hold design consultations in crowded coffee shops? Or waste time zigzagging across Calgary to various product showrooms? Or get trapped in long-term leases their teams might quickly outgrow?

In other words, we could create a place for our fellow designers to find community and launch their firms! And so we did.

7070 Design Headquarters opened its doors in 2013, and we haven’t looked back since.

Welcome to 7070 Design Headquarters!


You know me… how could I open a co-working space without giving it the full design treatment?! I couldn’t. I definitely couldn’t.

As the future home of interior designers, I wanted the space to be classic and sophisticated, inspiring and energizing, but also adaptable enough for designers with their own identities and brands.

Presentation room for consultations, meetings, and more…

There’s enough coworking space and dedicated, lockable offices for 5 design firms! Plus…

• Additional space to accommodate team growth

• Shared presentation room available for consultations and meetings

• Fully stocked library of design inspiration & product samples for… fabric, flooring, tiles + grout + Schluter, paint, furniture catalogues, mouldings, glass, mirror, metals, millwork, and more…

• Convenient dock doors and warehouse space for product deliveries and storage

• Free parking for principals, staff and visitors (who says No to free parking??)

• 24/7 access for any and all desired work hours

Creative space for inspiration, mood boards and the original pinning!

Offices with plenty of storage and creative freedom

A room full of product samples and inspiration… a.k.a. where the design magic happens.

Kitchenette for coffee breaks, conversation, and in-house design pow-wows.

Fresh food for thought…

In-office vignettes… because that’s what we do. 

Cozy, colorful lounge and client welcome space with…

Vintage bar cart with all the fixings for Friday happy hours and giving clients the special treatment.

What office space is complete without a cheerful, lovable pooch named Chance?


With 7070 in its full glory, we have each other as built-in cheerleaders, impromptu brainstormers, and savvy business coaches. We celebrate wins together, share ideas for growth, and lift one another up.

If you’re wondering why anyone would want to help their “competition”, the answer is simple: it’s always been about the bigger picture for us.

When other interior designers succeed in Calgary, so do we. Support and community lift up the whole industry.

It’s been amazing to see how 7070 has helped our community come alive and thrive — and how design has played a role in bringing this vision to life!

So now, how about you? Do you dream of a classic space layered with family memories and designed for living how you’ve always wanted? That’s our passion!

Let us know how we can support you here and we’d be delighted to help.

Until next week,