Behind the Scenes of an International Design Fair

Care to join me in touring an international design fair in New York? And seeing some of the latest designs in our industry?

“But LeAnne,” you might be thinking (if you follow us on Instagram), “the NY event was weeks ago!”

True, but I can still take you on a journey of the designs I haven’t shared yet. And if you’re a fellow style lover, I know you’ll enjoy these.

So. Glass of wine in hand? Cosy spot secured? Then let’s go…

Pull up a chair for great design ahead!


First, a quick backstory:

ICFF is a global design show over 30 years in the making. Though technically a “contemporary” furniture fair, the designs span a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern to avant garde.

Most of the exhibitors run boutique studios and small, unique ateliers… and from all over the world! I saw designs from Brazil to Transylvania, Britain to Barcelona, Seattle to right here in Calgary.

The best part? Speaking directly with the designers and fabricators to hear exactly why and how they do what they do. When you see some of these, I bet you’ll wonder too.


Okay, let’s get to the good stuff…

Now these are chairs you can really sink into! Where’s a good book (or drink) when you need one?

Elegant chairs with caning. Connected dual side tables. Hanging lights. So simple yet masterfully done.

Details, details, details. They make the design, my friends.

Loving the pairing of this grassy cityscape and sky blue chair! A fun flip.

Luxury meets playful. Let’s be honest, if this was in my home, my kids would never leave! (Me neither, for that matter…)

Ahhh, great veining exactly where it will be noticed and appreciated. A beautiful stone is always, always in style.

How fabulous are these glass pendants and side tables?? I could see these pendants looking stunning over a kitchen island…

Timeless arches and a colorful waterfall of lanterns immediately whisk you away to faraway lands…

Speaking of waterfalls, these lights are fascinating. The alternating orientation. The almost mysterious glow. Can you guess how long I stood there staring at these? My lips are sealed…

Leather-lined drawer? Yes, please! After all, if you’re going to drink after work, you may as well do it right.

So, what do you think? Did any of these designs surprise you? Or catch your eye for that space you’ve been looking to fill?

It’s safe to say I left NY bursting with inspiration. Every element of design plays a role in transforming our clients’ homes and, by consequence, transforming how they live in those homes.

If you’re ready for the space that will inspire your best life, reach out to us. This is our passion, and we can’t wait to show you what life could be like…