Escape the Ivory Tower


Sometimes it’s not what’s said, but what is not said. Uncompromisingly in love with neutrals, but craving an environment that spoke of discreet luxury and understated elegance we were given a mission to gently coax a stylish yet calm and cool living room out of the great bones of this house. Emphasising tall ceilings, adding a new neutral to the mix, and enhancing with well-considered details this house now imbues the cool sophistication of its residents.

The New Old School


Being the generous sort, Harvey shares his home with a family (now 4). Born out of frustration and launched by a leak; this principal retreat designed with the future in mind is rooted in classic design. Marble here, marble there, splendid details abound. Function over form always but in this case one begets the other and culminates in a balance that positively glows. Very swish, as they say, right Harvey?

Round and Round We Go


Surrounded by a gorgeous stand of birch this residence on an expansive acreage makes the dining room the true heart of the home. Mixing well loved and the new together to create

Coastal & Coral


An active life in the foothills, a sprawling country property and views with prairie light for days. These homeowners take full advantage of the location and sightlines in this generous bungalow. We, however, were tasked with bringing their family together into a snug and comfy space for them to lounge and just be. Cloaked in comfort and colour, movie nights, poker games, homework and puppy scritches are the ultimate luxury.

Sparkle and Shine


We call this one Glam Ranch and for good reason. Renovated and refurbished over time, this impressive home – settled in the foothills of the Rockies – was translated from a stodgy and dark ranch style home to a stylish, sumptuous sanctuary that shimmers on the landscape. Informed by fashion, and guided by our brief to add sparkle, no room was left behind in the pursuit. Yes that is a glint of sparkle in the carpeting, of course we have rhinestone buttons, and indeed the wallpaper glistens in the evening light.