~ This is what we get out of bed for ~

Your experience with the design process is as important to us as your beautifully finished home – you’ll have our intensely focused attention, an insistent search for unique finds and a commitment to making the process stress-free and all the fun you deserve. We’re all in.

Bright, Elevated & Modern


It was time for the outside of this home to reflect its bright, elevated and modern interior. We started by transforming the dull and grey exterior into a vibrant, warm and welcoming space to entertain, spend an evening indulging in good wine or soak up some vitamin D in the afternoon sun. On the inside, our brief was to craft two mudrooms with elegant yet modern notes, with striking custom cabinetry and all the natural light.

Photography by Michelle Johnson

Pied à Terre


This home is a story of perfect couplings and the beautiful interplay of individual dynamics. A quietly relaxed husband and a vibrant, out-there wife. This condo nestled below the boughs of giant trees was transformed into a home for the next chapter, honoring a shared love of family, Paris and living a full life. And jam.

No place like home

Christie Estates

Lifelong memories of beaches and rolling tides become a slice of the East Coast, right here in Calgary. Filled with mementos of a generous and full lifestyle, this home becomes a permanent abode for reminiscing by the fire no matter the view, or the weather. Elegant and unpretentious, we layered pattern, texture, and classic style with a bit of whimsy and joy.

Photography by Michelle Johnson.

Santa Monica chic


Some things are best left firmly in the past, like 80s builder basic. A soft, serene and elegantly proportioned family home arose after careful consideration with this brief: restraint where restraint is due. Banished are the warren of small rooms and hallways to reveal an expansive downtown view, unencumbered now by honey oak and burdensome details.

Green with Envy

Briar Hill

What happens when your affinities change, morph into a new passion? The brief was simple: transform an under used wine room into a deep and moody games room for unwinding with friends and family. This luxury retreat’s smoky millwork, patinaed leather in racing green, and flannel wallcoverings in comforting windowpane check – reminiscent of Saville Row suiting – perfectly create an English pub ambiance; for pool, darts …and whiskey

Take Two

Windsor Park

Inspiring, smart, beautifully tailored. Our brief: to strike a fine balance between old loves and new. Reimagining beloved furniture pieces, each carrying the weight of memories, travel, and a life well lived, into a new and contemporary home. Filled with light and banter this household carries pattern, texture and sense of humour to a composed but bold contemporary haven for a striking art collection.

Patience Has its Rewards

Springbank Hill

The art of the Slow Reno. The gift of time. Deliberate pacing to allow for a beautiful – and perfectly suited – family home to gently reveal itself. Think flow and function in alignment, rollicking kitchen parties and tranquil movie nights, and stylish quarters that are easy to keep organized, and clean up in a snap.

Old, But Make It New

Elbow Park

Working with a home of classic details and notable yet intimate proportions, our brief was to respect the integrity of the original building by designing something to last – but not something to be expected. Nestled in an established neighborhood beneath reaching branches this century home welcomes a young family with luxurious durability. Colour combines with obsessive attention to the details for a family home that gives room to stretch out and play, for the adults as well as the kids.

Art Meets Life

Elbow Park

Coming home. Daily rituals. The comfort of routine. Every touchpoint in this design was considered from the first morning coffee to rambling holiday dinners. A sense of adventure guided the selection of colour, pattern and sculptural shapes comprising this vibrant and somehow tranquil home. Everyday furniture becomes works of art, and small surprises around every corner make this family retreat full of distinct personality.

Too Much is Never Enough


Injecting a major fun factor was key to the brief and our approach was all about conveying something different. A little wild, a lot expressive: a ten foot tufted sofa, bottle green backsplash, a colour-washed family room, vintage details and New York inspired basement. Driving the concept was the desire to have this family transported from the mundane to ‘anything but boring’ exuberance. Bring on the ‘cray’.

Venue 308

Out of the minds of two powerhouse women came the idea for an innovative space to hold events big and small in a character building in downtown Calgary. The feminine and airy “Grace” Lounge for the bride and the darkly handsome ‘Walter’ Lounge for the groom, as well as exposed brick walls, ample sunlight and one of a kind flexibility to adapt to their clients’ needs has transformed Venue308 into one of Calgary’s top venues to hold a wedding. In demand for conferences, seminars, and photoshoots, it’s become the go-to spot for Calgarians to meet.

Photography by Michelle Johnson

Dawn Bradley Hair

Tucked away in an adaptive space in a former healthcare building, this salon transformation was one for the books. Wanting to harness the personality of the salon owner and support her global brand (yes, global!) LBI’s brief was to coax out a more vibrant workspace for the owner and her clientele, execute with minimal disruption for the business (thank you, COVID lockdown) and take the worry of a complicated project away from a die-hard DIYer. We all look more beautiful here.

Photography by Michelle Johnson

7070 Design Headquarters

The culmination of a 3 year search for just the right locale, a 3 month intensive design process and a speedy 3 month build, LeAnne Bunnell Interiors is proud to call Seventy Seventy home. As one of the first coworking spaces not only in Calgary, but in Canada, the studio was conceived well before the global boom in coworking. Purpose built for designers, creatives and other women as a female focused space supporting women in business, the studio has been the world headquarters for designers, media companies and charities during the 8 years since opening its doors.

Divine Flooring Showroom

We were challenged by Divine Flooring to design a minimalist outdoor space with vinyl samples for their showroom. Inspired by the classy and timeless look of men’s wear, the conceptual elements of an outdoor space and the constraints of the space, we crafted a modern and conceptual space to swing in (and by!).

DXD – Vivienne Westwood

Besotted with the fantasy world of the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, LeAnne Bunnell Interiors reimagined the cast of characters of the beloved children’s story through the fashion of 80’s punk fashion queen Vivienne Westwood.

LBI envisioned a space fit for an exclusive fashion afterparty, with the stylishly attired Mad Hatter, Red Queen and Alice, bold in Vivienne Westward flair, hosted by Vivienne herself. Edwardian punk ephemera and small details are interwoven throughout the dinner table.

Tartan and tulle, sparkle and shadow create a dark and twisty elegance for guest to share tea and cookies. Drink me. Eat me.

DXD – Half-Blood Blues

LeAnne Bunnell’s ‘Left Bank Blues’ space is inspired by the entrancing novel Half Blood Blues (Winner of the Scotiabank Giller Prize and numerous other literary prizes), by Calgary-born Esi Edguyan.

Edguyan’s poetic writing transports readers to an electric era—when Paris was alive with the newfound music of jazz and blues, and on the brink of war; Bunnell and her team seek to transport you there physically into a space that captures the chic 1940s Parisian jazz club vibe.

Step into this exclusive speakeasy—elegant and retrained, moody and lively. Its juxtapositions play on those in novel, which conveys the contrasting experiences of people and art forms in pre-war Paris.

‘Left Bank Blues’ reminds us of the ways music and art can bring us together, and how we can overcome if we stand together.

Barley And Smoke

Now safely ensconced in its new home at Camp Kindle, our Stargazer Fort was built to inspire young adventurers to dream big, even beyond the big Alberta sky. A swing inside to entice new universes to play out whims and daydreams. Explore the skies and plan the flight to distant galaxies with the telescope and windows to the outermost star cluster. The only restraint is the limits of imagination.

Your Brain On Art

The melding of makers and music. Drawing inspiration from this fundraiser’s theme of Music and Brain Health, the LeAnne Bunnell Interiors team drew from Canadian (and Calgarian!) artisans and makers to create an Instagram friendly salon, a respite to absorb the wisdom and discoveries presented at this bright and brainy gathering. Bringing it all home was the musical artistry of Reuben and the Dark, reminding us that Art and Science indeed go hand in hand in our lives.