LBI Gift Guide 2020

Happy Holidays from the LBI team!

With this past year fraught with uncertainty and an everchanging understanding of this public health crisis, I’ve been thinking a lot about family, near and far, and how to move through the holiday season. It is a time of connection, gathering and sharing, all of which now calculated risks.

Honouring family traditions with an in-person celebration isn’t the only way to remind ourselves of the spirit of love during the holidays. The greatest gift you can give to your family is to keep them safe and so why not try something new this year?

I love the idea of Zooming together while you each prepare the exact same meal dinner together in your separate homes.

What about a simpler Christmas, where you order from a local restaurant instead, and watch Alastair Sim in ‘A Christmas Carol’ through House Party?

Bring your family home to you in a new way: create a trivia game about your family to see who’s been paying attention around the dinner table.

play the ‘classic’ bump game at a distance: granted this will take some planning but I think it could be just as much fun.

Incorporate your loved ones favourite flowers in your table centrepieces; wear that hand-me-down fur coat to dinner, bring out those ill-chosen gifts from grandma, honour those that have passed: light candles and say their names.

What makes a house a home are the memories we make in it; the good, the bad and the hilarious. The stories we hold close to our hearts and the people that make them come alive are in our hearts and memories, as well as in our lives. For this one year, let’s try a new way to hold them close.

This year, the LBI team put together gifts that value experience over things, gifts that will bring happy memories for times to come.

Be safe, be well.

For the executive:

Hotel Arts Kensington

Ahhhh, nothing like a little stay-cation to help your executive feel rested and pampered for a weekend. Hotel Arts offers a retreat that overlooks the Bow River with downtown skyline views, the iconic Peace Bridge and Prince’s Island Park.

Nordic Spa

You can bet a massage and hydrotherapy will knead and soak away the office stress. While you’re booking your executive’s gift, might as well book yourself a massage too, you won’t regret it!

Amy Mitchell

For your executive to reset their goals and refocus to kill it in 2021! From strategy to implementing new systems, Amy will help your executive get growing on their business. System superpowers galore!

For the culture crew:


Glenbow Museum

Purchasing a membership not only gives a gift to the art aficionado in your life but also to the Glenbow Museum, bringing international, national and local artists to Calgary. A gift after my own art!

New Zones

Deck the Walls is right! This Group exhibition showcases small-to-medium sized artworks, perfect for gift-giving this holiday season. While you’re at it, might as well get yourself a special little piece as well.

Contemporary Calgary

Offer up a whole year of challenging, engaging and thoughtful visual art with a membership to Contemporary Calgary.

For the music lover:

Reuben and the Dark

Who doesn’t love a soft folky voice with atmospheric tunes to sway back and forth to? Reuben and the Dark’s concert package has not only concert tickets but also a lovely RATD t-shirt for your music lover.

Calgary Folk Music Festival

Held at Calgary’s idyllic Prince’s Island Park since 1980, Calgary Folk Music Festival is filled with good food, groovy tunes and lots of laughter. While tickets for the festival aren’t for sale yet, their Merch tent and market hall are still open for business!

National Music Center

Membership for the NMC allows free admission all year round, free access to workshops and discounted tickets for concerts. Sounds like music to my ears!

For the sports fan:

Sunshine Village

Gift an experience that lasts! A season pass for your powder lover who loves to shred is the perfect gift, leaving them with sore quads, cramped toes and a rosy smile all throughout the winter and spring.


Touchdown! Your sports fan will never miss another goal with this live sports streaming platform. Time to get the beer, popcorn and jerseys out!

Calgary Cavalry

Kick-off your gift-giving with season tickets for the Cavalry Football Club.

For the indulgent foodie:

Peasant Cheese Shop

Peasant Cheese Shop is one of the best places to get your cheese and meats. Their Club Cheese is a fun monthly cheese delivery that comes with a selection of their 3 favourite kinds of cheese, crackers and dried fruits or nuts.

Dirty Food

Dirty Food by Calgary-based Julie Van Rosendal is packed full of amazing and decadent recipes that your foodie will love to try out.

Cookbook Co Cooking Classes

If your foodie loves cooking, this is the gift for them! Cookbook Co has an amazing selection of unique classes to learn how to make cocktails and tapas, meals, and delectable desserts.

For the libation lover:

BIN 905

Bin 905 not only has some of the best wines and liquors, but they also have magnificent private tasting sessions for wine, gin, whiskey and more. Perfect for the libation lover in your family.

Annex Ale Project

An amazing microbrewery located in YYC’s Barley Belt, Annex has selections of craft beers that will make any palette dance with effervescent joy. For your sober pals, they even have delicious and unique crafted sodas!

Market Wines

Market Wines’ 12 Days of Wine pack is a gift that truly keeps on giving. With handpicked 12 of the most loved bottles in the shop and wrapped up in this advent case, each one is sure to please!

For the reader:

Shelf Life Books

Proudly independent, this bookstore has all your favourite classics along with indie publishing houses, including tons of local writers! If you can’t find the book you seek, they will order it in special for you.

The Next Page

Since we’re already on a roll with independent bookstores, here’s another one your reader will adore. Not only is the atmosphere so sweet, but their selection of books is incredible and unique!

For the homemaker (aren’t we all right now?):

Quiet Town

Ethically and handmade shower curtains? Maybe it’s an unexpected niche but boy do we love these gorgeous curtains.

Plant Shop

Plants are a home’s best friend. Find beautiful, locally-made home accessories and plants here, perfect for your homemaker’s newest decorating project.

Paper and Petals

Who doesn’t l-o-v-e a gorgeous flower arrangement? With a Make Monday’s Magical subscription, your homemaker will adore these petals that will give week after week.